You know what we ask ourselves a lot!? How did we get so dang lucky?!

We have the absolute pleasure of meeting and photographing amazing families, children and babies! Whether these incredible families welcome us lovingly into their homes, or we met under a beautiful sunny day outside, or we had the honor of photographing them in our studio (our first session in our studio was in 2018 and it has been a dream come true!), we have been given this incredible opportunity of capturing beautiful stories and milestones in so many lives! It truly takes our breath away!

As we welcomed our little girl in 2015 we fell so much in love with this little girl and more with each other. That said we had no idea how truly fast time goes by (or how much you can get done on little sleep) and we wanted all the moments captured. We fell even more in love with photography. Yes, we pull out our cell phones for the day to day, Her first taste of a lemon, her first steps, our first walk as a family, those are sweet moments, but we knew and value how important it was to have family moments and special milestones captured as well and have us on the other side of the camera too. When she was growing in Mama's belly, sleeping in the day and partying at night (I still  have to get her back one day. Her first moments, when we became a family of three! Our first family Christmas, when our sweet girl turned one... okay okay you get it, these moments are so precious and we can't get them back, but to have beautiful photos of these incredible memories is priceless!

Whether you are coming into our studio as a family for some fun updated family photos, or we are coming to your home to photograph your new little baby and family together, or you are celebrating a milestone of your little one turning one year old... let's face it, its a celebration for everyone... you made it through the first year on the least amount of sleep you have ever experienced or thought possible! Parents are rockstars!! Whichever season you are in, we are there to capture it all, have fun and tell your beautiful story.

We can't wait!

Well, hey there!

MASH studio