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   Our engagement

We said "I do"

Two becomes three

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Now most who know Matthew know he is the quiet, yet funny type. A more reserved, introvert if you will. So yes, this day, the day he proposed, is a day like no other... and he sure did surprise me.

Okay now, yes it was 9 years that we dated for. Shannon may or may not have dropped a few hints, but Matthew just kept saying it may happen when you least expect it. I thought, buddy after 9 years I am always thinking about it, but good luck to you. 

As mentioned, Matthew is the quieter of the two of us, but he knew how important and special my Grandma, Aunt and cousins are to me so there along with my amazing Mom and step-dad on a beautiful, I mean beautiful day in 2011 on a Florida beach ... this beach looked like it was on a postcard, Matthew had my Mom "take our picture" standing in the ocean. Now, this was so special on many levels as until this day Matthew had never seen the ocean. So there we were, standing in the ocean on the Florida coast on this stunning summers day having "our photo taken" and Matthew gets down on one knee! Now, having already been in the sun for about 2 hours, which all my fellow pale skin freckle folks know, is a dang of a long time. I went literally weak in the knees and started shaking. I was trying to look at Matthew and as tears filled my eyes, which then began to sting from all the sunscreen I had put on, my love asked me to marry him! There in front of some of the most special people in my life, I said yes to my best friend!

It was 13 years of dating and 2.5 year engagement and on the 4th of October, we became husband and wife.

We wanted a day of celebration with a small intimate gathering under the stars and that's what we did. The day started with a morning breakfast and then off we all went to get ready. First the hairstylist and makeup artist arrived, then the photographer... eek. It was getting closer. We decided to do a first look. A moment between the two of us and then have a great day taking photos at some of our favorite places.  

After we took some more photos around the hotel, the wedding party all went off for some photos. We took some photos at a nearby park, went to the quaint and beautiful town of Unionville and then we headed to the Roxy Movie Theatre where we were given access to one of their movie theatres for some photos! This was epic and for us having so much of our dating years going to see so many movies, it was perfect! We  got to dance, just the two of us, in front of the movie screen. EPIC!

After an afternoon of photos off we went, our separate ways. In a couple of hours we would be married! At 8pm with 70 of our closest family and friends gathered under the October moonlight and stars, we became husband and wife... finally! :) Then... of course we danced the night away.   

It was the BEST DAY EVER!

We watch movies together and we laugh together and we will dance together for the rest of our lives!

To put into words what meeting our baby girl for the first time was like is near impossible. In the early morning of April 21st, 2015, after 23 hours of labor, we welcomed our little girl, Imagin Norah Campbell into our life. At 7lbs 15oz and 20.5 inches long, she took our breath away.

She has taught us so much about our marriage, about love and our business. She has given us such a profound understanding of what is important in life. To love with everything you have, make lasting relationships with friends and family, be patient, to never give up and always follow your dreams! She brings so much laughter to our lives. At 2.5 years old she is quite the personality and makes us laugh so much.

Our hummingbird, a little nickname that started when Shannon was pregnant. Hearing her heartbeat every time was like the sound of hummingbird wings. Fast, strong, determined and oh so beautiful. To this day this stands true! She gives us so much joy, keeps us on our toes and helps us fill our life with silliness! It really is an indescribable love. 

and we are so in love!

It is like a high school fairy tale. We never met throughout our entire high school years, despite having some similar friends and acquaintances. Then on an exciting night, our high school graduation, a friend through a party. There in the company of high school friends, a couple of lawn chairs and a trampoline, we met  and spoke and laughed for hours. After a romantic and funny note left on Shannon's car insisting on another meet, we began dating and dated for 9 years. We moved... A LOT, went to post secondary school, graduated, had 3 dogs, a hamster and a bunny and well ...moved some more.

Movie geeks, science and creatives at heart, husband and wife and Mommy and Daddy to our sweet baby girl, Imagin.

We... value family.

We... love to travel.

We... dislike doing the dishes.

We... are board game fanatics.

We... enjoy making each other laugh and our daughter, Imagin laugh.

We... love the sound of laughter.

We... love a good book and reading to our daughter.

We... do not drink coffee (yes it's true).

We... love movie nights.

We... love laying in a hammock.

We... love each other and our little Hummingbird more than words can say.